Trinity Laban Musical Theatre Auditions

Based at the innovative Laban building as well as the historic King Charles Court, the BA (hons) Musical Theatre Degree at Trinity Laban is a fantastic course for launching your career in the performing arts industry. Led by industry experts and including countless performance and collaboration opportunities, this course is certainly worth auditioning for. To find out more about the course, please click here.

Laban’s musical theatre’s Instagram account recently posted insights into what it’s like to audition for the course, so obviously I took full advantage of this and now plan to fully enlighten you into exactly what to expect from the auditions!

The audition consists of a range of components:

  • Dance Audition
  • Musical Theatre Workshop
  • Acting Monologue (which you will perform by yourself in front of one member of the audition panel)
  • Song (which you will perform in front of the rest of the auditionees and panel)

Following this, some auditionees will be asked to stay for the rest of the afternoon, whereas others may be sent home. An important fact to note is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have been unsuccessful just because you’ve been sent home. Often successful candidates will be sent home earlier if the panel feel that they have seen enough and are satisfied.

Auditionees who are selected to stay for the afternoon audition will be expected to show more material to the panel on a 1-1 basis, this could include more singing, dancing or acting.

Key Points

  • It usually takes 3 weeks to hear back with the result from your audition – remember that just because you weren’t asked to stay for the afternoon, doesn’t mean that you haven’t been successful
  • The audition has lots of sections and components, making it rather challenging, but diverse and interesting

Top Tips

  • The panel are really looking for personality and how creative you are. Laban has a strong ethos of creating individual and unique artists, so this is definitely worth keeping in mind when you audition
  • Laban isn’t looking for the finished product and the panel won’t be expecting perfection. As long as you can show that you are eager and willing to work hard, you have more chance of being successful
  • It is really important that you show the panel how well you work with others-this includes listening to others, responding in a professional way and taking to others in a warm and engaging manner
  • Really try to show the panel that you are enjoying the audition and are working at your full capacity – they want to see that you have a passion for musical theatre and are, therefore, prepared to work hard to achieve your optimum potential

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