Chichester College Auditions

Chichester College is considered to be one of the best colleges to offer BTEC Dance on the south coast. With a wealth of supportive and approachable lecturers, plus a whole building dedicated to performing arts, the prospect of studying at Dance Chichester College is highly exciting. For more information, please click here.

Chichester College offers both Level 3 BTEC Dance (equivalent to 3 A-levels) and Level 2 BTEC Dance (for students who have not achieved 5 GCSEs including English and Maths, or need an extra year of dance training before progressing onto level 3). The college holds friendly auditions throughout the year, which are arranged after you have applied.

Located in D block on the Chichester Campus, students on all dance courses have access to four professional dance studios, equipped with sprung floors, barres, full length mirrors and sound systems. As a student, you can use the studios as much as you like, allowing you to work on personal development.

The audition process is straight forward and efficient. Prior to your audition, you will be invited along to a presentation (which parents are able to attend too). The presentation covers all aspects of the course, highlighting the opportunities, content and the level of commitment required.

Following this, auditionees take place in a short warm-up and contemporary technique class. The teachers are absolutely lovely, creating a really warm and engaging atmosphere. There is a usually a range of levels of dancers, from a variety of different backgrounds.

To finish, auditionees are asked to show their pre-prepared audition solo. This only needs to be one minute in length and can be in any style you like. You’ll only be asked to show it in front of one of the lecturers, so there’s no need to panic about showing it to a group of people.

The lecturer that watched your solo will then asked you a few questions regarding your interests and aspirations for the course. Typical questions are: Why do you want to study at Chichester? Why have you chosen to study dance? What is your previous dance background? What styles of dance do you do? How many classes of dance do you do outside of school per week? What are you ultimate aspirations career-wise for the future?

You will be told on the day if you have been offered a place, and whether you have been accepted onto the level 2 or level 3 course.

Key Points

  • The course is mainly contemporary with aspects of ballet and jazz, so ensure that this is a style that you are interested in
  • The course requires a lot of commitment and projects can often be very time consuming, so ensure that you are willing to stay committed to the course
  • Chichester College is located near Chichester University, which also has a fantastic dance degree course, allowing students to progress between the two
  • After you have finished your BTEC level 3 course, there is an option to stay on for an additional year to work towards your DDI/DDE dance teaching qualifications
  • The course offers loads of performance opportunities, specialist advice and training, making it the perfect stepping stone to further dance education

Top Tips

  • As long as you are willing to commit to it, don’t worry if you’ve never done contemporary dance before. As long as you have some dance training background and are eager to learn new styles, you shouldn’t be put off from applying
  • In terms of the pre-prepared solo, it is better if you show a solo that you have choreographed yourself, which shows off your maximum ability. Choreography is a large part of the course, so the lectures like to see that you can work in a creative way
  • Make sure you wear tight fitting clothes, which allow the lectures to see the lines of your body. They are looking for people with strong physiques, who are able to withstand the demands of the course

Got more questions? If you are interested in applying for Chichester College or are thinking about studying for a BTEC in Dance, please get in touch down below, or via Instagram. As a current level 3 Dance student at Chichester College, I will be happy to answer any questions and assist people as much as possible.

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