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If you’re passionate about perusing a career in dance, whilst also working towards transferable higher-education qualifications, studying for a dance degree is certainly the way to go. Click here to find out more about studying dance at Chichester University

The University of Chichester offers a wealth of both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, boasting lecturers with years of industry experience and a variety of top-class facilities. I had the pleasure of interviewing Chloe, a second year Dance Performance undergraduate at the University of Chichester, via social media.

Due to the dance courses at Chichester University being of degree-level standard, applicants must have gained 104 – 120 UCAS points prior to applying. Chloe then told me that after applying, she was asked to send in a headshot alongside a short essay of a recent dance performance that she had seen: ‘I assume that’s because a few of our modules are slightly theory based’.

Overall, the whole audition process seemed extremely friendly and supportive, according to Chloe’s experience. Upon arrival she was greeted and invited to mingle with other auditionees, perhaps in hopes to eradicate any uncertainty there may have been between them. Chichester University also has some incredible facilities which auditionees have the chance to audition in: a variety of spacious, sprung-floored studios.

At 3-4 hours long, the audition for Chichester University seems rather intense. Auditionees firstly take part in a contemporary technique class. Chloe, who had little experience of contemporary before auditioning, found the class to be stimulating and reassuring: ‘I was really nervous for the tasks, but they explained things really well and gave us a fair amount of time to go over stuff’. Based upon this, even if you are less confident with contemporary dance, yet have strengths elsewhere, it is still definitely worth applying.

For the next part of the audition, Chloe took part in a creative task, where auditionees were asked in partners to create a phrase of choreography. These were then shown in front of the rest of the audition group, who were all very encouraging.

If you are interested in auditioning specifically for the Dance Performance degree, there are some additional parts of the audition process: a ballet barre class and a prepared solo of your own creation. Chloe mentioned again about how supportive the audition panel were for the solo performances, even if you made a mistake during your routine, you were allowed to start again.

To finish the audition process, auditionees are interviewed in pairs. Chloe said that the questions asked weren’t particularly challenging and the whole interview was very relaxed.

Key Points

  • It’s really important that if you are considering applying for a dance university course, you are prepared to do written work as well as practical work
  • Chichester is a wonderful city to study in, there are a variety of theatres, local connections to bigger cities (e.g. Portsmouth and Brighton) and is also home to a selection of dance companies, colleges and schools
  • The whole audition process is extremely encouraging and supportive, so don’t be put off from applying. Studying and auditioning with like-minded people is incredibly rewarding and beneficial

Top Tips

  • Ensure that you keep fit, as auditioning for Chichester University (and well as other universities and schools) are often high intensity and require you to have a good stamina
  • Chichester University are really looking out for how well you work with others. They are interested in how well you communicate and treat other people
  • If you are applying for the Dance Performance Degree (and therefore are required to perform a solo), it is best if this is in the style of contemporary, as that’s the main dance style taught on the course
  • The university are looking for individuality and expression– so try to remember this at all times during your application and audition!

A massive thank you goes to Chloe, for being such a wonderful contributor for this blog post! We wish her all the best for her dance studies and future career within the dance industry.

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