The Point Training Scheme Auditions, Eastleigh

The Point Training Scheme is a contemporary and ballet training scheme held at The Point, Eastleigh for 11-15 year olds twice a month. Auditions this year are being held on Sunday 9th December 2018, with the application deadline on the 30th November. For more information please visit

The audition was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. I had never visited The Point before, meaning I was totally unaware of its amazing facilities before I arrived. Auditions take place in the dance studio and are two hours in duration,usually consisting of a contemporary technique class, followed by a creative session. Auditionees are taught a variety of contemporary dance sequences in the technique class, which are then performed in smaller groups within the space. Although I had never studied contemporary dance prior to my audition, I found that I was able to pick up the material with more ease than I expected, aided by the scheme’s contemporary tutor, Carrie. Due to the friendly and encouraging nature of the class, it was easy to forget that I was taking part in an audition, instead I felt as if I was simply dancing in a workshop.

The creative session was particularly exciting. In partners, we were asked to choreograph a phrase  – we could do anything- in a task like this, there were no right or wrong answers. We were then given the chance to develop what we had choreographed by switching partners and merging what we had previously created. This was especially fun and allowed me to interact with my future Point Training Scheme peers. Despite feeling exhausted, I left the audition even happier than when I entered- I ran straight back to my Dad’s car, before bursting into a speech about how much I had enjoyed it.

(This extract has been taken from my blog for The Point’s website)

What to wear?

The Point recommends wearing tight fitting clothing on the audition confirmation letter.Most girls were dressed in plain leotards with sports leggings, with the boys wearing tight fitting t-shirts and sports trousers. Auditionees are asked to complete the audition in bare feet or foot thongs.

Top Tips

  • Do not be put off auditioning if you have no experience in either of the dance styles. The Point stresses that they are looking for potential and not fully formed dancers. Many of the successful candidates had never studied contemporary or ballet before
  • The audition does not require ballet and the contemporary technique class is relaxed and supportive. If you have never studied contemporary before, but have experience in other dance styles, the material should be relatively simple to pick up
  • The studio is relatively large with the panel siting on the right hand side. Try your best to position yourself as close to them as possible, in order to make it easier for them to see you, however they do make an effort to view everyone in the room as much as possible
  • The panel are looking for dancers with a good range of movement. Try to think of connecting each movement, ensuring that you are dancing fluidly
  • Bring along sufficient water and snacks
  • Bring along your own safety pins! You will be given a sticker with a number on before the audition begins, but these have a great tendency of falling off really quickly. If you bring along your own safety pins, you can ensure that the panel can easily identify you throughout the audition

Things to Work On Before Auditioning

  • Auditionees are not expected to prepare a solo, so use the time leading up to the audition to work on strength, confidence and stamina
  • If you have little experience in contemporary, it’s definitely worth watching some videos online and then having a go at a bit of improvisation at home. Just relax and let go, this will allow your dancing to appear a little more fluid and natural
  • Remember that confidence is one of the main things that the panel is looking for. The audition has a really welcoming atmosphere, so there’s no need to be anxious before hand
  • Everyone that I met at the audition was polite and endearing, there certainly isn’t a feel of competition that is apparent in other auditions

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