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I hate auditions. Signing up to an audition date and receiving bland confirmation instructing you to arrive at a certain location at a certain time, never quite equals the actual numbness of walking into the audition itself. I always tell myself that the audition will be alright- what’s the worst that could happen? I’ve got nothing to lose. However this kind of self-consolation more so mimics the thought patterns of a middle aged talent show auditionee (with absolutely no experience in their respective field). The issue is, the sheer fear of the unknown. Unless you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity of interrogating a previous audition candidate, finding any such information about specific auditions online is a fruitless mission. Previously, I have attended auditions whereby I haven’t been at all enlightened into what to expect, wear, prepare or bring along. A less fond memory of mine involves arriving at an audition decked in a leotard and tights, when the rest of the studio was full of candidates in a selection of sweatpants, oversized jumpers and crop tops.

Truthfully though, I don’t hate auditions. Nothing quite equals the adrenaline kick of walking into a new space, surrounded by a group of equally passionate individuals and performing to a group of industry experts. Add this to the raw sense of achievement shot through your system after completing an audition, and auditions simply cannot be entirely disliked. And this is where Audition Quest wants to help you. Auditions shouldn’t resemble the emotions of walking into a doctor’s office or opening your bank statement after a 10 hour shopping marathon has ended. Giving people access to audition specific experiences and FAQs can only be beneficial, and that it what this blog intends to do. Follow along for detailed insights into certain auditions as well as general hints and tips along the way.

Got a particular audition coming up? Let us know and we will dedicate a post to a previous auditionee’s review. If you’ve recently attended an audition and would like to get involved, we also offer opportunities for post collaborations or you could also feature as one of our audition interviewees. Please contact auditionquest@gmail.com for any comments, requests, suggestions or questions.

Let the auditions begin!

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